Indy 500

The Indianapolis 500-Miles Race is the brainchild of the extravagant automobile pioneer Carl Fisher. It started 1909 . Some small events were organized before the organizers decided that they would only be used for a big event.This single, monstrously built up car race was named as the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race, condensed to Indianapolis or Indy 500. One of the most established vehicle sports occasions, the Indy 500 is for the most part held amid the Memorial Day end of the week at the notable Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The occasion is thought to be ‘The Greatest Spectacle in Racing’.

The track, which was looped and tarred, had its fair share of accidents that led to the death of both the participants and the spectators. The entire stretch was paved with nearly 3.2 million bricks and the 500 miles (805 kilometers) long stretch was quickly privileged.

The Indianapolis 500 Grounds covers an area of 1025 acres, including the Track, Brickyard Crossing Golf Course and all parking. The racing field also has 26 bridges and six tunnels for the racers. There are 17 grandstands and if they are in a straight line, they would extend up to 99.5 miles.
The Indy 500, as it is affectionately known, is considered the biggest racing spectacle and is one of the world’s three most famous and significant motorsport events. It’s usually said that nearly 250,000 people visit the race and infield seating, which increases the capacity to about 400,000. The car race has been organized every year since 1911, during the time of the two world wars.

Ray Harroun was the winner of the first 500-mile race at the Indianapolis 500 and brought home a prize of fourteen thousand dollars. The prize money had topped the 3 million mark in 2009. For the first few decades, the race had no female participants and therefore the female reporters were not allowed into the pit lane area until 1971. So far, there have been seven female participants for this race.
The Borg Warner trophy symbolizes the winner’s determination, courage and ability on the track. It was first presented in 1936 and since then has seen many winning hands.
There are some very interesting and funny facts about Indy 500 and IMS:
• The first Indianapolis 500 was the first long-distance car race on a closed circuit or track. Forty cars started in the race and to this day 26 of them are at the end of the race.

• Ray Harroun won the race in 6 hours, 42 minutes and 8 seconds.
• Since 1940, peanuts have been considered unlucky in this racetrack since peanut shells were found in the seat of a crashed car.
• Green cars are also considered taboo and you can not see many green cars on the track.
• It is unlucky to enter and leave on the same page.
• The first event on the Indianapolis 500 was a helium-filled balloon contest on June 5, 1909, wich ended remarkably amazing and some people turned out to speculate
Indianapolis 500 Tickets: Popularity of an event
The high demand for the Indianapolis 500 tickets is evidenced by the fact that the total capacity of the venue is about 400,000, which does not meet the actual demand for tickets. In addition, the race receives a lot of coverage in the media. It is broadcast by the Indianapolis 500 Radio Network and broadcast on WFBM-TV.




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